Weekly Sports Preview: NBA Finals Pick, Big-12 Realignment, Tom Izzo and More

The NBA Finals game 7 is profiled in two-segment detail, with Vegas Runner and Marco D'Angelo.  Generally regarded as the single most electric NBA Finals showdown in years, this is a game 7 winner-take-all grudge match between the Lakers and Celtics.  Marco and VR profile the changing landscape of NCAA Conferences (Big-12, Pac-10, Big-10), and continue the talk of Lebron James and Tom Izzo, as well, on this week's This Week in Sports Betting. (June 16, 2010)

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: BABIP and Brazilian Babes

Basewinner joins Host Gill Alexander for Sabermetrics Wednesday, as the two get geeky with a review of the metric Batting Average on Balls In Play and the gambling concept of Recent-ism, and then get freaky with a tribute to the international babes of the World Cup and the Forum Member posters who share their pics on Wednesday's Betting Dork (June 16, 2010) 

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: Sports Betting Tips & Statistics Overload

It's all packed into 33 minutes.  Host Gill Alexander drives home his single biggest World Cup betting tip, reiterates Marco's 2 huge betting points when approaching the rest of the NBA Finals, and serves up a bevy of MLB stats, including the Top Over/Under Umps, Top Run Supported Starters, and Best/Worst Run Line Teams.  

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: Marco's Monday Debut

GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo takes his rightful spot w Host Gill Alexander on Mondays to discuss the NBA Finals and the MLB ballgame that sticks out for him on today's board.  Plus, Gill and Marco tease their pending debate about Notre Dame.

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: Vegas Runner Freestylin'

VR joins Host Gill Alexander for their Friday free flow, touching on MLB Interleague play, diving full bore into the World Cup w off-the-radar teams to watch (plus free play), and uncovering the single key stat in the NBA Finals and how NBA GMs outthink themselves.  Plus, fresh off his call on Denny Hamlin winning the Pocono 500 last Sunday, VR tips us off on who the driver to back is this weekend in NASCAR.


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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: World Cup Betting Primer


It's the single biggest sports betting event in the world with over $1.5 billion set to be wagered.  And that's just the money we know about.  It makes the Super Bowl and NCAA tournament look like things on which you make a gentlemen's bet.  It's the 2010 World Cup and Host Gill Alexander has the two most important single factors the wiseguys consider when betting it.  Within that context, he reveals the teams to pay attention to.


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Weekly Sports Preview: NBA Finals, Rookie Pitchers & Unit vs Flat Betting Continued

Direct from Las Vegas, gambling experts Vegas Runner and Marco D'Angelo preview the week in sports, including the NBA Finals Game 4 Showdown between the Lakers and Celtics, continue the discussion on Unit-vs.-Flat Betting Styles, and offer a "How To" on handicapping Rookie Pitchers in the Bigs. (June 9, 2010)

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: World Cup Sabermetrics

Forum Member Basewinner joins Host Gill Alexander for their typical Wednesday Sabermetrics discussion, but this time, it's with a twist, highlighting sabermetrics-driven World Cup plays.  Plus, MLB plays, Stephen Strasburg, and how the NBA can teach MLB a lesson.

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: MLB Totals & Run Line Stats Bonanza

Host Gill Alexander flies solo w his long overdue MLB Stats Bonanza catering specifically to Totals and Run Line Bettors.  Top Over/Under Umpires, Top Run Supported Starters/per 9IP, Best/Worst Run Line Teams w biggest ML/RL discrepancy teams revealed, as well.  Plus, because he can't resist being a Super Dork, Gill extrapolates on how BABIP has to be applied differently to different types of pitchers.

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: Fox Football Fone-In's Temryss Lane - World Cup

Fox Football Fone-In Personality and Futbolita Temryss Lane joins Host Gill Alexander to give an in-depth breakdown of the USA national team, the roots of Lionel Messi's motivation as a world class player, and which teams have a legit shot at winning the World Cup.

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