Betting Dork Gill Alexander: Vegas Runner Holiday Weekend Smorgasbord

It's your Memorial Day Weekend Betting Primer as Vegas Runner and Host Gill Alexander bounce from the NBA Playoffs to MLB to even the NHL.  From Gill amusing himself by reading excerpts from Tim Donaghy's Facebook page to VR's solid conviction on the outcomes of UFC action and everything in between, it's all here. 

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Weekly Sports Preview: NBA Conf Finals, Lebron and Tim Donaghy

Direct from Las Vegas, gambling experts Vegas Runner and Marco D'Angelo preview the week in sports, including the current NBA Playoff Conference Finals match-ups, Lebron James' Free Agency Odds, and Tim Donaghy's lasting impact on the NBA Playoffs! (May 27, 2010)

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: Formally Welcoming the Dork

GM of Picks Marco D'Angelo formally welcomes Host Gill Alexander as a Pregame Pro, if by "formally" you mean by busting his chops.  Marco also gives his in-depth takes on both NBA series and his MLB Trap Game of the Day.

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: The Dream Sabermetrics


Forum Guest Basewinner joins Host Gill Alexander to discuss the sabermetrics they’d ideally like to see developed in the future.  Plus, Basewinner’s 4 MLB Plays of the Day.


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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: Sabermetrics Past, Present, and Future

Host Gill Alexander condenses a decade's worth of Sabermetrics evolution in MLB Front offices into one show and gives an indication of where it's headed next.  Plus, brief handicapping thoughts on each of the 15 ballgames in baseball today.

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Betting Dork Gill Alexander: MLB Totals/Run Lines Stats Bonanza

Host Gill Alexander is joined by Forum Member STL-Sharp to discuss key MLB Betting Stats: Top Over/Under Umpires, Most/Least Run-Supported Starters, Best/Worst Run Line Teams (teams w biggest ML/RL discrepancy).  Plus, STL-Sharp's MLB Lean of the Moment.

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Betting Dork: Interleague Baseball Handicapping w/ VR

Friday's Free-flowing conversation w Vegas Runner!  Interleague Baseball Stats & Angles, Perspective on Bullpens, in search of Pete Rose Face footage, VR sprinting to the mound to save a bet, NBA, Cappers' willingness to subjugate ego, The Gill/VR Book Club (May 21, 2010)

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Betting Dork: MMA Betting Theory

Pregame Forum Guest Unassail (Aaron) joins Host Gill Alexander to discuss MMA Betting Theory and Picks for this weekend, as Gill plays Old School and challenges Aaron on   aspects of MMA in the process.  Plus, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and his peculiar affinity for A1 Steak Sauce. (May 20, 20010)

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Betting Dork: Lebron James Should Play For What Team?

Forum guest Basewinner joins host Gill Alexander for Sabermetrcis Wednesday.  Basewinner goes in-depth on his 3 plays of the day and what metrics drove him there.  Plus, Gill outlines his case for a team that never gets mentioned in the LeBron sweepstakes but ought to be given serious consideration by King James himself. (March 19, 2010)

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NBA Conference Finals Breakdown & Lebron/Mrs. James/Delonte Saga

Direct from Las Vegas, gambling experts Vegas Runner and Marco D'Angelo preview the week in sports, including the current NBA Playoff Conference Finals match-ups and what to make of Delonte West and Lebron James' mom! (May 18, 2010)


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