Gambling experts Marco D'Angelo, Vegas Runner and Stephen Nover discuss this weeks Betting action direct from Las Vegas featuring the NBA Conference Finals along with Baseball talk on the collapse of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Red Hot San Diego Padres.
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Gambling Experts Stephen Nover, Vegas Runner and Marco D'Angelo discuss the NBA Conference Finals and look at the Texas Rangers, Milwaukkee Brewers, and Philadelphia Phillies. Receive Free Selections from our Experts.
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Host RJ Bell interviews professional handicapper Tony George

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Horse Racing Experts Rob Crowne and Marco D'Angelo preview the Preakness
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Horse Racing Experts Prospectus and Marco D'Angelo breakdown this year's Preakness.
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Prospectus and Host Marco D'Angelo discuss how to Handicap Horses from a Professional Handicappers View and from a Horse Owners View.


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Gambling Experts Marco D'Angelo, Vegas Runner and Stephen Nover join Host RJ Bell to discuss this week's betting news direct from the Sports Betting Capital of the World, Las Vegas Nevada.
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Gambling Experts Marco D'Angelo, Vegas Runner, Stephen Nover along with host RJ Bell discuss this weeks betting action direct from the Las Vegas Strip.
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Host RJ Bell interviews Pregame Pro Robert Littal

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Your Sports Betting Preview. A Podcast for May 1, 2009 discussing the Kentucky Derby.
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